Alison Moran

Core Team

Alison is bi-lingual French/English, Studied languages at University of Oxford and had an early career in the theatre, studying at the acclaimed Jacques Lecoq theatre school in Paris.   She devised and toured many international theatre productions in Canada, Italy and the UK. These included commissions from the Canadian government.  She then retrained with an MA from Goldsmiths University of London in Education: Language, Culture and Identity, specialising in theatre as a teaching approach to enhance learning Theatre.  She then worked for a specialist charity called SafeGround, devising and developing learning and a personal development programmes for the UK prison service.  Her award winning programme ‘Fathers Inside and Family Man’, commissioned by the Home Office, are now established in the curriculum of prisons across the UK. They have also been delivered as far afield as the UK Virgin Islands and have been adapted for the Probation Service.  The programme uses drama and film techniques as learning media for personal development, relationship building and management and for handling particularly sensitive and complex conflict situations.   She led the training of the national team of trainers in the programme delivery and theatre techniques used. 

Alison trained in mediation and has been creating learning activities for leaders in cross- team collaboration and conflict management in the private and public sectors.  She incorporates drama techniques, both in the role of actor, working alongside the lead consultant, and as facilitator.  She has worked with students at Wimbledon School of Art on collaboration skills and conflict management.  She is also one of the team delivering the GamingWorks business simulations and Open Limits Team Coaching programmes.