Organisation Development

Rather than asking staff to 'engage' in an organisational transformation programme, why not involve them in building it? There will always be some activities and changes that only the leadership can tackle. However, the experience and awareness everyone gains from being involved can transform team and functional cultures and increase resilience to change.

The process itself actually contributes to the end goal, as it brings together people who may have seen each other as 'part of the problem'. Management at different levels and technical specialists in diverse teams get to know each other. They understand more about the wider organisation, its multiple environments and each other's knowledge and capabilities.

Inclusive Organisation Development takes time to set up and get right. However when the right level of trust, respect and understanding is achieved, teams and managers can then address most organisational challenges, including those seen as embedded in the culture and unreachable.

Our involvement in Organisation Development programmes is light touch, client driven, practical and underpinned by carefully selected, proven tools and techniques. We have supported post mergers and acquisitions, integrations and restructures: mostly focusing on cross-team collaboration and process effectiveness between global, remote, interdependent specialist functions.