Business Simulations

Business simulations are as much fun as paint ball or raft building but without the mud and bruises. They are also considerably more relevant and have lasting impact. Working together to successfully solve problems that may have been around for a while turns groups into teams.

Rather than talking 'about' processes, projects and business changes, the simulations immerse groups in experiencing them. The group are not required to 'act' or 'role play', simply to carry out the tasks and roles given. The group may be the Ground Control team of Apollo 13, building an offshore wind farm or the Board of a Pizza Delivery company coping with multiple business and IT systems projects. Even those who have 'seen it all before' engage when they see themselves, their colleagues, their managers and their processes so clearly mirrored.

There is then just enough distance between the simulation and the real world for teams to safely make mistakes, exchange constructive feedback, rework processes and test their own changes. The simulation is also sufficiently close to the real world for those experiences and new skills to be directly transferred.

Clients select the most appropriate simulation to target their organisational or team development requirements. We work with GamingWorks, world leaders in business simulation design, and we also design our own bespoke simulations for clients.

Apollo 13
The Phoenix Project DevOps
Oceans 99 Cyber Security
The Challenge of Egypt