Apollo 13

by Nigel Hale

Posted on Friday, 31st October 2014

We have just become a 'Silver Status' Partner to GamingWorks, so we are now the largest distributor of GamingWorks' excellent business simulations in the UK, and part of the GamingWorks global network.

Our 'best seller' remains the Apollo 13 mission – a challenging, enjoyable and memorable demonstration of business processes and the considerable value they can add to team cohesion and organisational effectiveness. Teams explore together how to improve business services and cross-team collaboration, as their organisation evolves, bringing in new processes, without killing creativity and responsiveness. Or the Astronauts!

The Apollo 13 mission can also be run as a highly motivating and engaging exploration of how to run a slick and well respected IT Service Management department. IT Service Management teams can consolidate their knowledge of ITSM/ITIL and understand how to make it work in their real world, with 'right-sized' processes and excellent cross team collaboration.

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